Byron Bangert's Web Page

Independent Research Scholar, Columnist, and Ethics Consultant

M. Div., Biblical Studies, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, 1973

D. Min., Church & Society, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, 1973

Ph. D. in Religious Ethics, Dept. of Religious Studies, Indiana University, 2004

Former adjunct faculty member, Indiana University

Author: "Consenting to God and Nature: Toward a Theocentric, Naturalistic, Theological Ethics", 2006
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Author: "What Does God Require of Us?" -- Chapter 4 in "Religious Giving: For Love of God," edited by David H. Smith (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University, 2010), 65-84.
Chapter 4

For other print publications, see listings in my CV.

On-line Publications:
1. The Tortured Logic of Torture
2. Disabusing Ourselves of Torture
3. Moral Issues and Motivations in Medical Philanthropy
Buffett's Gift: Thoughts on Wealth and Inheritance in Christian Perspective
5. Dissent as Christian Vocation [2006 presentation at "Dissent: An Interdisciplinary Symposium," University of Louisville]
6. The Heart of Darkness: Torture in Essence and Manifestation [2006 presentation at World Religions Congress, Montreal]
7. The Evolution-ID Controversy and Same-Sex Unions in Theocentric, Naturalistic, Ethical Perspective [2007 presentation at annual Assoc. of Prof. and Practical Ethics meeting]
8. 9/11: Act of War, or Monstrous Crime? [2012 presentation at annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics]
9. Monetary Policy and Money Creation: The Forgotten Solution
10. Resolution on Restorative Justice [authored draft of document officially adopted by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. in 2002]
11. Bill Breeden as Theologian [Festschrift contribution on the occasion of Breeden's retirement as Co-pastor, Bloomington Unitarian Universalist Church, June 2014]
12. No Need to Abandon a Realist, Theistic Conception of God [Published in "The Fourth R," Vol. 29:2, 19-24, 26]
13. A Case for Theological Realism [Published in "The Fourth R," Vol. 31:1, 17-19]
14. Columns published in the Bloomington Herald-Times
Sermons Archive
16. Theological Essays (1999-2001)
Essay One "In Life and in Death"
Essay Two "Christian Eschatology: Prescription for Life"
Essay Three "Till All the Women Are Strong, All the Men Are Good Looking, and All the Children Are Above Average: Theological Anthropology in Light and Promise of a New Day"

17. Reflections on My Fifteen Years as Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, IN
18. Essay on "Call" written for The Christian Century magazine (unpublished), 2019

Curriculum Vitae:  CV

Instructor, R170, Fall Term, 2004:
"Religion, Ethics, and Public Life"
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